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So, um, has anybody got an AO3 invite I could have?


Snugs, good wishes, and the like would be much appreciated--had to put my kitty to sleep this afternoon because her kidneys were failing.

I'm a little broken right now.

Well, that's weird

So, ok, I live in an apartment building off one off the local highways, which is kind of the main drag through my city. I actually kind of really like the location--I'm super close to two grocery stores, the public library, public pool, two coffee shops, my hair dresser, etc, and while having the parking lot let off onto the highway is occasionally problematic (like at 7:30 in the morning), it's really nice in the winter because they clear the snow here first. The other thing that makes it nice in the winter is that the city decorates the trees that line the street with lights and hang snowflakes made out of lights off the streetlamps. Very pretty. Usually they alternate the trees, stringing the lights around the trunk of one tree and then in the branches of the next for the first four or so blocks (where the trees are bigger) and then just in the branches of the little trees near my apartment. This creates a neat visual effect at night as you look down the road, where it looks like you have half as many trees and all of them are fully decorated.

This year, however, they have simply wrapped the trunks of every single tree until they got to the little ones. Which. . . well, when it's dark you can't see the branches at all, so it looks like the road is lined with weird, eight foot tall posts. They've put the lights up over the very bottoms of the lowest branches, too, so the strange lit posts all have three or four tines of lights coming out of the tops, like mutant forks stuck in the side of the road.

On the whole, I'm not impressed.


Having one of those days where it occurs to me that I seem to frown more easily than smile these days and that law school's made me harder, more of a bitch.

Aug. 21st, 2011

There's something about supermarkets at midnight that feels like you should be in a sad-girl movie montage or establishing shot. Maybe it's just me. Empty parking lot and shlubby clothes you've either just pulled on or have been wearing all day and really belong in a hamper by now, hair's in a mess, and there are just three or four people in the whole massive building, but you're still patting at it to make it lie flat and trying for the sassy, confidant walk, like you're trying to give off an air of "just popping in for a bit of milk for the cereal in the morning, totally classy, absolutely not eyeing the discount candies and contemplating wine coolers." And maybe it's even true, but there's something about the midnight supermarket with it's too bright lights and the furtive glances of the other shoppers that suggests you're just putting on a front and you're totally going back to your ridiculously messy apartment--empty of life except for the cat who will be thrilled you've come back and demand a share of the milk--where you will sit alone with the internet for hours when you should be in bed. Over tired, listening to the squeal of the train going past outside the window, trying to think deep thoughts or trying not to.

Then again, could just be me.


So, I don't think I'm ever allowed to talk about regional failures of vegetables in local Asian, i.e., local restaurants using "local", non-traditional vegetables in dishes because they are a) cheap, b) available, and c) familiar to local palates. It's really the last one I object to, because it's kind of lazy, and I miss having fabulous cabbage in every Japanese soup ever.

However, am currently making a curry with farmers' market yellow squash and green pepper, with sweet corn off a friend's family farm.

Authenticity = fail, but NOM = win.

Of course, it's totally making me miss France and my fabulous roommates there, who (seemingly happily) ate curry at least once a week, because I like cooking curry.

Class starts again in three weeks, which does not make me super happy, and I've loads of stuff I need to get on top of before that happens, which makes me even less happy, but c'est la vie.

Think I shall put on a movie and eat my nommy curry and try to pretend it's not August.
Exhausted and on my way to bed, plus I'm not allowed to do deep thoughts this late at night because I always end up getting depressed, but there was something totally closure-tastic and meta-wonderful about going to the midnight premier of the last one on my own. Will maybe talk about it tomorrow--fandom milestones and stuff--and maybe actually talk about the movie, but for now...


That is all.

Ugh, summer

The icon makes me feel better.

So, yeah, I'm not a big fan of summer. I hate being hot and the flatlands are almost always humid which is WORSE. I don't mind having the sun around for more of the day, because natural light rocks my world, and fresh fruit and veg from the local farmers' market = made of win, but on the whole I'm not a fan. Lately my big beef is, well, beef, or rather cooking. It's too hot to cook most of the time, and salads and sammichs and veggie plates w/ hummus are all well and good, but lately I've been feeling sort of blah on them because there was this whole thing about re-learning to cook and I've made tasty foods and now I have all this TIME to use and just no energy to turn on the stove (evil source of yet more heat in my home).

Clearly, I'm in a blathering mood. Don't mind me. I'll get to the point eventually, which was I was wondering if any of you all had any tasty summer-type recipes to recommend? I love the idea of cold soups but haven't ever actually made one, and other than that I can't really think of what sort of things would be good for summer. (Possibly because all creativity has melted out of my brain from heat.) So, suggestions?


So, local theater is, of course, doing midnight showing of HP. Apparently, though, they have ALREADY SOLD OUT the 2D version. So... do I risk splitting headaches to see it in 3D or wait until the next day?

ETA: I got the last ticket at less-local theater!!! -dances-


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