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On the whole, today has not been so good of a day. To start with, 8:30am finals on a Saturday are hardly fun. Add to that a nightmare that I'd overslept my alarm and completely missed the test and was GOING TO FAIL OUT OF LAW SCHOOL woke me at 5:30, three hours before the test even started. I managed to get fits and starts of sleep before my alarm clock finally went off, to hear that there's a blizzard warning coming in this evening, which at 8am just meant it started raining after I left (at which point I discovered I'd forgotten my umbrella).

Managed to caffeinate with tastiness at Starbucks, which helped, and was even earlier than I usually am so had time to get all my unneeded stuff into my locker and chat a bit with folks before the final started. Walked in to the exam room feeling ready to tackle and rock my LEM final, only to be directed to a seat with my name and "ADMIN LAW" written on it, as they had continued the disaster which was my exam schedule drama with mis-scheduling my two make-ups. Managed to not start crying hysterically at the thought of doing an exam for which I was not prepared, had not studied and did not have my materials, and then rushed off to the administrative office to get them to FIX IT, which thankfully they did.

Once my hands stopped shaking from the adrenaline rush, the LEM final actually went fairly well, I thought, although much like the last two, it could just be I'm deluding myself in to a general sense of well being to cushion the shock of the impending Admin final. Exited the test room to discover the mild drizzle has turned in to a full on downpour, but friend had invited me to lunch so waited until she'd finished and she, thankfully, had an umbrella. Lunch with folks was good and there was cocoa, which was fabulous, but while we were in the restaurant the snow started, fluffy and heavy and wet.

Managed to get home safely and wrapped up first X-mas presents so they could be shipped with mother's collection off to her family, and was happy to notice the snow had stopped for drive over to mother's. Much less happy to realize that in the intervening thirty minutes the temperature had fallen almost twenty degrees and the roads had almost entirely frozen over in places. Made it to mom's without spinning out, but my windshield wipers were being strange and when I parked to try and clear the ice I managed to break not only one of the wipers but also my windshield scraper. Then I almost crashed twice on the way home from mother's, although I did manage to acquire new wiper/scraper and the nice guys re-filled my tires with air (seeming somewhat disdainful of the fact I'd let them get so low, but whatevs, I have an oil change appointment next week - I'd noticed they were low but figured I could wait till then).

In sum, a less than fun day, but manageable on the whole. Particularly now that I'm home and don't have to go anywhere or do anything until tomorrow. I know I still have one final left next week, but fuck it. It's time to go kill internet dragons.


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Dec. 12th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
You do such a fantastic job of securing my desire not to go back to grad school. OR if I do, it's going to be a class here or there over about 10 years to get a Masters in education. Good to see an Amy post, though. :)
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