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Well, that's weird

So, ok, I live in an apartment building off one off the local highways, which is kind of the main drag through my city. I actually kind of really like the location--I'm super close to two grocery stores, the public library, public pool, two coffee shops, my hair dresser, etc, and while having the parking lot let off onto the highway is occasionally problematic (like at 7:30 in the morning), it's really nice in the winter because they clear the snow here first. The other thing that makes it nice in the winter is that the city decorates the trees that line the street with lights and hang snowflakes made out of lights off the streetlamps. Very pretty. Usually they alternate the trees, stringing the lights around the trunk of one tree and then in the branches of the next for the first four or so blocks (where the trees are bigger) and then just in the branches of the little trees near my apartment. This creates a neat visual effect at night as you look down the road, where it looks like you have half as many trees and all of them are fully decorated.

This year, however, they have simply wrapped the trunks of every single tree until they got to the little ones. Which. . . well, when it's dark you can't see the branches at all, so it looks like the road is lined with weird, eight foot tall posts. They've put the lights up over the very bottoms of the lowest branches, too, so the strange lit posts all have three or four tines of lights coming out of the tops, like mutant forks stuck in the side of the road.

On the whole, I'm not impressed.


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